Maintenance After Sales


Andalusia receives an average of 300 days of sunshine each year, making it in the most suitable to use the sun's energy in Europe.

The owners of a solar thermal system that produces hot water daily have the adantage to receive this energy for free.

But this does NOT mean that solar energy is free of costs at all.

A solar equipment is comparable to an engine of a vehicle, that means translated to the theme solar energy, the equipment required by all manufacturers a maintenance every 2 or 3 years.

Primarily a magnesium anode protects your investment in the solar energy. In addition, equipments from the year 2007 on - which are working indirect, means the heat exchange between solar panels and the coil in the tank is realized by a special solar liquid .

This product also protects your investment against corrosion and increases the heat transfer to the tank and becomes to water within three years - comparable with the oil in car engines.

The consequence for not realizing the required maintenance is not only the loss of all rights guarantees rights of your investment: the lifetime of the solar equipment is reduced from +20 years to a few years only.

Solar tanks are also protected by a safety valve, which jumps at times when water pressure is very high due to solar heating of the water inside the tank.

Failing to perform periodic maintenance to changing the anode and the liquid, the tank or the solar panels are taking damage until they burst, rather than jumps the safety valve.

SOLOSOL Energías Naturales has developed a control system for the protection of solar energy systems and reports to each owner by phone or email about the next revision in due course.