Preventing Legionellosis


Royal Law 865/2003 of 4 July, laying down the criteria hygienic - sanitary prevention and control of legionellosis

The legionella is a bacteria that, in addition found in aquatic environments, has found a suitable habitat in water systems created and manipulated by man. When dispersed in the air and penetrate the respiratory system, they can cause serious illness in the human body.

It should be borne in mind that the optimum temperature for their multiplication and development is around 37 ° C and special care has to be taken in the range between 20 and 45 ° C. At temperatures from 70 ° C the bacteria is killed instantly.

In the production of domestic hot water will be met with current legislation hygienic / health for the prevention of legionellosis. The materials used in the circuit resitirán the aggressive action of water subjected to chemical treatments.

SOLOSOL Energías Naturales realize with their authorized personnel the treatment for legionellosis. With regard to the regulations, must SOLOSOL place and confirm the following:

a) Date of completion of the tasks of checking, cleaning and disinfection. Protocol followed, products used, dose and exposure time.

b) Date of completion of any maintenance operation. Espificación thereof, and any type of incident and socks taken.

c) After the disinfection will be sent waterproof to a specialized laboratory.

d) Date and analytical results of different analyzes of the water.

e) Signatures of the person responsible for the tasks performed and the head of the facility.

The maintenance record is always available to health authorities responsible for inspection of facilities. Cleaning and disinfection will be held at least once a year.