Repayable Subsidies


Although from 1 September 2006, a new legal basis exists, which states that all new buildings under construction must be equipped with a thermal solar system, there are subsidies for buildings that were built before that date.

Thanks to the Andalusian Agency for Renewable Energies, which is affiliated to the European support for economic, innovation and science, there are incentives for installing green energy systems in Andalusia.

It is supported:

The purchase and installation of compact hot water equipments.

Modular solar thermal systems for domestic hot water and central heating.

For buildings far away from the public electricity grid:

Photovoltaic and wind energy for electricity generation, and combined systems.

The installation of stoves that use a clean fuel, such as the pellets.

The purchase and installation of technological pellets stoves: for the production of hot air or hot water.

Efficient lighting, MicroLed bulbs new downlights of low consumption, etc.