Pellets - The National Energy


Since the beginning of human history, the biomass has been an important energy source for humans. With the advent of fossil fuels, this energy source declined in importance in the industrial world. Currently, it is for mainly used in private households.

Biomass is renewable organic matter, which is obtained from plant organisms and stored energies of animals. First, the plant leaves are serving for the photosynthesis, they absorb the energy of the sun and form organic substances. These are taken from the animals through the food. The products of this transformation, which can be classified as waste, can be used as an energy source.

Not suitable ordinary firewood, which we burn in the fireplaces, but tiny wood residues (pellets) from waste and fragments of the best timber is won. Almost completely free of moisture - the actual heat output is around 90%.

Wood pellets are made from 100% natural wood, chips and sawdust. The raw material is under high pressure without the addition of binders and compressed them creates - the pellets. The following quality controls guarantee a clean fuel with low moisture content and high calorific value.

With an economic pellet heating we keep the heating costs in the long term under control!

The raw material for pellet heating systems comes mainly from the region and is available in more than the required amounts.

While fossil fuels, such as for example the fuel oil must be imported, manage the production of wood pellets not only local jobs, but also provide a value for the region.

Moreover, the pellets are not toxic, or explosive.