Pellet Stoves with Hot Air Duct


Solosol offers a wide range of pellet stoves with hot air duct for heating the rooms in your house. The generated heat is perceived by people as a pleasant, cozy warmth. This is the ideal choice for functionality and comfort to combine ecology with economy.

Other advantages of pellet stoves:
Easy to store, produces no smoke, it takes very little space, a high efficiency, 15 kg of pellets produce only 1% ash, 150 grams. The pellets heating power is 3-fold higher than that of firewood - 4,500 kcal / kg, 15 kg of pellets correspond to 45 kg of firewood.

This is the best choice for an apartment without central heating.

Pellet stoves offer the ultimate in comfort and have an:
autostart function, adjustable room temperature, automatic control of the hot air outlet
infrared remote control, weekly program and a safety glass

Economic: thanks to the fuel used and thus favorable heat produced.
Ecology: the room heated with an environmentally friendly fuel.

By the way, pellets fuel is not toxic or explosive.