Pellet Boilers


Pellet boilers offer many advantages over conventional boilers:

Through a combined accumulator can generate hot water and heating water for a biomass boiler. Boilers equipped with safety devices such as: on-temperature thermostat, protection system of flashback, sensor closing the lid of the hopper, mechanical clutch protection screw.

When you want to use the boiler with a low temperature heating, such as floor heating - ideal in combination with a solar heating system - it requires a 4-way mixing valve with the functionality of higher return.

Other advantages of pellet stoves: High efficiency, 15 kg of pellets produced only 1% ash - 150 grams of granules. The energy of heating pellets is 3 times the wood - 4500 kcal / kg, 15 kg of pellets corresponding to 45 kg of firewood.

By the way, pellets fuel is not toxic or explosive.